Monday, July 21, 2008

Um, Death Race

So this is a little bit uncharacteristic for me, but I was totally psyched when I saw a preview for Death Race when I went to a movie recently (Hellboy II, 3/5 stars, visually stunning but a little lacking in emotional depth). I turned to my dad and whispered, "This movie looks absolutely ludicrous and awesome." The cast is amazing!

Also, I know Batman is out, and I know I haven't seen it yet. I've decided I need to trek out to Richmond to see it in Imax (and maybe get cream puffs), so I have to wait until next week. Sigh.


ana said...

Hey, I watched "Dark Knight" today.

Make sure you go to washroom beforehand. As you may know, it's two and half hours, and you don't want to miss any single minute.

Ella said...

I know! I won't be able to have anything to drink that day.


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