Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love + Sex With Robots

I had one of those conversations today that I sometimes feel can only happen in a library, surrounded by books and information and ideas. It started innocently enough, with me saying that I was kind of interested in getting some of that software that writes out what you say aloud. "Yes," said James. "But I think it might feel kind of weird to be talking to a computer at first." I thought about it. "I think it would be awesome," I said. "Like having your own robot friend."

This reminded me of one of the books that I've noticed on the New Book shelf lately. "Have you seen that book, Sex with Robots, or something like that?" One of the librarians (who we hadn't realized could hear us) piped up from her office, "What do you guys think about that? I saw the author on Jon Stewart."

I hadn't read the book, but my first thought was that it would be an alright alternative to human prostitution. I find the idea of having a robot friend even weirder than having a robot lover, buying a piece of metal and plastic that agrees with you, and makes you margaritas on Friday after work... huh.

All this made me want to write some Science Fiction. But not boy Science Fiction, with guns and action (not that it's just for boys... you know what I mean). Just a regular novel, with regular characters, who fall in love, get married, get divorced, rob banks. With robots. Just some characters who are robots. I think it would be pretty great.

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ana said...

I wish the robot looked nicer then.


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