Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holy Grail

I may or may not have spent thirty dollars on an eye shadow the other day.

I spent a lot of time cruising around Any time I'm in the market for makeup (or any beauty products) I try to go on there to see how people have reviewed whatever it is I'm thinking of buying. People on there have their own language, and one of the first terms I deduced the meaning of was HG. Holy grail. As in, this is the best blanketyblank I have ever used and I will keep buying it for the rest of my life. Before yesterday, I had never had one of those moments.

Enter Shu Uemura eye shadow in ME Brown 850. (Choir of angels sings here.) It has an overall rating of 4.9/5. I somehow discovered it on the internet and decided I had to have it, so almost two months ago I went to the Shu Uemura (I love saying that name) counter in Holt Renfrew and asked about it. They put me on a waiting list. A waiting list. It came in on Sunday, I picked it up. It cost thirty dollars (with tax). I was a little overwhelmed. I brought it home. I put it on. Holy cow. Holy grail. It is the most perfect eye shadow I have ever worn. A shimmery taupe with the faintest hint of violet that brings out the green in my eyes. When I put it on, it makes it look like I have naturally beautiful, shimmery, colourful eyelids. Tasteful. Lovely. All the boys will like me.


Alright, so it probably won't change my life, but it does make me feel nice. And, while lots of people my age easily spend $30 in a bar every night, I rarely do. So I don't feel too bad for spending it on an eyeshadow once in a while.


Amanda said...

Well done girlfriend! I support you spending $30 on beautiful eyeshadow. You should see my (expensive) make-up kit! I LOVE MAKE-UP!

Ella said...

Me too! I want to see your expensive make-up kit! I love makeup!

ambika said...

This concept of the Holy Grail continues to escape me in make up. I have plenty of stuff I like, but nothing I'm devoted to. Maybe I'll take a look the next time I'm at Nordies.

Sarah said...

I am quite willing to spend money on perfume. Especially since I've just discovered that the one I wear is a limited edition and stores don't have it anymore! Bummer!

Ella said...

Sar: I know you do. My favourite perfume has been discontinued. Boo. someday we should go to Paris and visit a parfumerie and get personal scents designed.

Sigh said...

ok found it thanxkbai.


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