Saturday, July 5, 2008

Things I love

  • seeing things made by nature in the shape of hearts, like leaves and petals.
  • the sound of rain outside my window.
  • a really great doughnut
  • coffee with cream
  • the word Bali
  • watching kids dance
  • TV on DVD
  • going to see movie matinees, alone, especially on a weekday
  • harmonicas
  • the movie Nashville, by Robert Altman
  • 50s rock and roll
  • almond croissants
  • the colour teal
  • zen circles
  • black dresses with kimono style sleeves
  • things made of cotton
  • flannel sheets


Anonymous said...

And Sarah

Ella said...

Haha! I figured it out. Is there no way to put your name without a google thingie? You need gmail. I love you. xo.


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