Monday, July 28, 2008


So I've started to pack for the East Coast, and I can't find my parka! I need it!


Kerry said...

Hope you have an awesome time out east! I've yet to venture out there.

alexandra said...

is it the club monaco parka?

just you wait. i had to buy a new jacket after coming out east. vancouver winter wear does not cut it. how i long for those balmy winter months...sigh.

Ella said...

Yeah, it is the club monaco parka... It's pretty warm, but potentially not long enough. I found really awesome parkas on the internet, but they cost 600 dollars. And I found it. My mum asked if I had checked the coat rack and I said yes, because I had, and of course she goes over and says: What's this?


alexandra said...

the length is definitely key. Just above the knee works really well. Wool is also not bad, but not waterproof. I got that French Connection one for cheap and its pretty good, but feels bulky too. Maia has a jcrew or north face jacket that goes all the way down to her ankles. she looks like a giant marshmallow but she is never cold. it seems a little difficult to walk in, but i guess they design it for that sort of thing. check online in dec/jan/feb...i will keep an eye out too.


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