Friday, July 4, 2008

How the Light Gets In

I am really loving this book so far. Here is a passage:

I wish I had met Jim Henson. Ask me who I would bring back to the earth if I only had one choice, and it would be him. I'd ask him if he could take me to his muppet studio and I'd watch him work. If he liked me, and we got along, he might give me a muppet that I could be the voice for. He would teach me to work and he would give me a job on "The New Muppets Show: A Revival" looking after some of the smaller muppets, thinking of story lines and song lyrics.
The only problem is, I'm not that good on voices, but I could think of muppet scenarios. I'd love that. Maybe I should write to Brian Henson. Maybe he'd be interested in some of my muppet scenarios for whatever muppet programs he's putting together.

How the Light Gets In is by M.J. Hyland, and is the story of a sixteen year old girl from Australia who is on a year long exchange to the US, just outside of Chicago. She thinks the new life will be the answer to all her problems, but she's wrong. With a burgeoning alcohol habit and awful communication skills (though she writes wonderful notes to her host family members), the year is a trial.

I'm only halfway through, so I don't know how it ends, but I love it. I love the voice of the narrator, Lou.

Amanda, I think you would like it.


carmen said...

oh my gosh. when i was a kid i really wanted to be a muppeteer. i dreamed of working with jim henson one day! the muppets were right up my alley. i think i liked them so much 'cause their corny jokes reminded me of my dad's jokes. oh, dad jokes...

Amanda said...

I will check it out!

Ella said...

I love the muppets, too. And dad jokes.


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