Sunday, July 20, 2008


So I spent an hour or so going through my photo library, editing out all the not great photos. I got rid of over 2000 or so, and simultaneously realized how hot I was when I was young and blonde. So I decided to give you a glimpse of my self-involved, self-portrait loving self (lucky ducks!).
Me circa 2004?

me again circa 2004?

I took this amazing photography class in 2005 at UBC, and the theme of the course was "the constructed image".I had a series of images that were all related to books. They are a tiny bit pretentious, but I still really like them, and am a little bit proud of them. I need to start making ART again! (And yes, I like Cindy Sherman very much, thanks for asking.)

And then I decided to take a picture of me today. Actually I took 66 pictures, and this is the best one:
My hair is getting close to bombshell length! It's the longest it's been in years! I'm so excited!


alexandra said...

I still prefer you with dark hair...we've had this conversation too many times to count.

Now I miss my own long hair...sigh. looking good ella!!

Sarah said...

I like your dark hair and thick fringe too. Sweet.


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