Monday, July 14, 2008

Dim Sum in a classy joint

I had a lovely trip to Coquitlam this weekend, where Ana and Kay treated me to Korean barbecue for dinner. (Did you know they use metal chopsticks in Korea? I felt like a toddler, trying to use them. I've been using chopsticks since I was seven! I should be a pro! The Korean ones were so thin, but so heavy. I felt like a clumsy oaf of a girl.) Then, for breakfast the next day, we went for dim sum. I love dim sum. My favourite is Pink Pearl , but mostly because I've been going there since I was about three, so it tastes like home. I've tried other places, but I usually end up back at Pink Pearl within a week or so because I'm still craving my favourites. I have to say though, this place impressed me (except for the deep fried squid, which is pretty much the one dish that no one but P.P. seems to do right). The food was yummy, and the quality was pretty good (as was the price). The best part, however, was the decor.
It took me a surprisingly long time to figure out that blinds were printed with a faux-view, and that we weren't really in the Chinese countryside.

Gratuitous food shots now:

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