Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thomas Haas

Caramel Pecan with fleur de sel - dark chocolate ganache with roasted pecans and soft caramel, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with a touch of fleur de sel from Brittany.

Balsamic Honey - soft caramel with rare firewood honey and aged balsamic vinegar.

Pistachio Marzipan - delicate almond marzipan with pistachios from Sicily and a hint of kirsch.

Thomas Haas. I have heard time and time again that they have the best chocolates and pastries in the city, but they are closed on my days off, and they close at five thirty the rest of the time. Ana and I finish work at five on Saturdays, so on the way home we decided to have an adventure. Even though neither of us knew exactly where it was, Ana must have some kind of psychic chocolatier sense, and we pulled into the parking lot at about five twenty-four.

The delicious sounding things at the top of this post were the three chocolates I chose ($1.05 each, but soooo worth it). I also got a twice baked almond croissant, which was dense and chewy, with a gorgeous crusting of roasted almonds. I brought them all home to have a semi-balanced dinner of salad, croissant, organic homo milk (oh wait, they don't call it that anymore, it's 3.25%), and my lovely little chocolates. It was delightful. If you are in Vancouver, ever ever ever, I highly recommend it. North Vancouver, actually. You'll need a car. It's almost enough to get me to drive.

I really want to try the Aztec hot chocolate mix.


ana said...
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ana said...

Where are chocolate pictures?????

ana said...

We should go back soon. Kay and I really enjoyed *special* sweetness last night - I had dessert before dinner.

ana said...

Can't I modify the comment? I was going to modify, but didn't know how, so had to remove it.

Ella said...

I didn't get any very good chocolate photos, although the ones of your chocolates were pretty. I'll send it to you. Funniest set of comments ever.



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