Monday, July 7, 2008

Seattle recommendations

So I'm going to Seattle for a couple of days in August with my mum and my "Auntie June" (my mum's friend who I love), and I need some recommendations. We'll only be there for a Sunday and a Monday... what should we do? Where should we stay? Where should we eat? If you've been, or live there, or have any recommendations at all, let me know. Top picks! What would you do if you only had two days in Seattle?


ana said...

Hey that's exciting!
You know I have never been there, so no comment. Sorry. :-(

Alicia said...

- space needle. I've never eaten at the top but I think it would be cool to do that!
- seattle music experience project (museum type place). It's awesome!!

And, when are you going? I'm pretty sure Mike and I are going there too this summer :)

Amanda said...

Go to the Elliot Bay Book Co., it's a great bookstore! I also hear there are tours of the old "underground city" which might be cool. You could try and find Kurt Cobain's house, ha!

Alexandra said...

stay at the Ace Hotel. It's cheap and cool (and hip, etc). I stayed at the one in Portland and it was centrally located. I know the one in Seattle is right near the public market.

Also, there are a number of bakeries on 3rd? 4th? can't remember. but they have awesome pastries. I think one is called delilah's or delia's.

Also, the public market - there is a crumpet store that has good crumpets (if you're into that). There is also an italian place run by Mario Batali's dad called Salume. It's only open on certain days, and at lunch, but apparently its cheap, classic italian (sandwiches, pasta, etc).

Also, they might still have a paperhaus there.

Anonymous said...

Veggie-dog place is amazing. It's this claustrophobic restaurant. Also, the vintage stores on College Hill (I think?!?!?) are amazing. Something Buffalo specifically.

ambika said...

If I had 2 days in Seattle I would go to 611 Supreme or 5 Spot for breakfast. The first is on Capitol Hill, a fantastic neighborhod with tons of funky, independent boutiques along Pike & Pine as well as Broadway. The 5 Spot is on Queen Anne Hill, a few blocks from Kerry Park where there is one of the most fantastic views of the city. It's also on Queen Anne Ave, yet another street with lots of neat, distinctive shops.

I'm a local so I adamantly dislike the crowds you encounter at Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. However, the waterfront and outdoor sculpture park (which just opened last year) are open enough spaces that they don't get utterly mobbed. The waterfront's a bit cheesy but given the views of the water and Alki, it's worth it. And the sculpture park is absolutely fantastic.

If you must have an outdoor market, I'd recommend the Fremont Street Fair. Yet another very cool neighborhood (though much more gentrified than it used to be) with a weekly Sunday market. The vendors constantly change so you'll see jewelry, furniture, soap, and vintage goodies.

Hope this helps!

Abby said...

funny, I am actually going to be in Seattle in August too, but only for a short time.
Anyways I would second pretty much everything said by previous commenters, but also add taking a tour of Theo Chocolates, they are a small independent organic fair trade chocolatier and did I mention everything there tastes like heaven! Also the tour is great because it is only 5 bucks and you get lots of samples, very worth it!

ana said...

Hi Ange,

My friend told me she loved "cafe nico" from

Hope we can go sometime together after you come back.

Anonymous said...

yes.. strange thread )


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