Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My someday wedding

If I'm lucky enough to someday get married, it will be to someone with enough of a sense of humour and awesomeness to hire a Huey Lewis and the News cover band to play the wedding. I think the first dance would be to "World to me", but I guess "The Power of Love" would be okay.

When I was a kid, my mum seemingly only had one tape that she listened to in the car. That was Huey Lewis and the News, "Small World". So today, as we played in the kitchen (more on that later), I put the CD on. I still know all the words. I love it. Not even ironically.


alexandra said...

I know what you mean. This is like my love of Steve Winwood and Phil collins. parents and their bad taste.

and man, those cream puffs look awesome! happy canada day!

Ella said...

I thought you would like the cream puffs.


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