Monday, July 7, 2008

Face Hunter

This is not me. Sadly.

I go back and forth in life between wanting to look effing cool (like, you know, art school dropout mixed with Scandinavian heiress) and just wanting to wear a uniform of, say, jeans and a white t-shirt and ballet flats every day. I usually lean more towards the latter, because as an Aquarius (yes, I'm blaming astrology here) I like to move on to the next thing very very often, so if I shop according to my whims I am left with bags of fuzzy brown sweater dresses and lime green elbow gloves that all make their way to the clothing drop off, having wasted some hundreds of dollars in the process. So most often I go very very simple in my clothing, and keep my varied tastes aligned to things like movies, books, and food.

But. I can appreciate amazing style, and amazing fashion, and I love other people who look effing cool. You can find many of them here.

(This blog came by way of (Into) the Fray, where Lady Smaggle commented, and I followed the link to her blog, where she led me to Face Hunter. Just in case you wanted to know.)

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