Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Halifax Sushi

A few days ago I went for my first Halifax sushi. I was told to go to Hamachi House, as they had the best sushi in the city. I went. It was delicious. And ridiculously pricey. Fancy dinner pricey (well, not quite, but you get the idea).

Miso soup costs (wait for it)... $3.50.

I won't be eating miso soup until Christmas. I will miss it, but I can't justify spending that much on it.

That said, it truly was delicious. We got there, and somehow it was announced that I was from Vancouver and had scrupulous taste when it came to sushi. The waiter said that lots of people thought the food was amazing. He mentioned the Winnipeg Ballet, and that they said it was the best sushi they had ever had. I scoffed (Winnipeg, sushi, bah). Eventually, though, I gave it second place in terms of favourite sushi places. Hamaei (oh how I miss you) is still my favourite, but the fish was perfect and fresh, the rolls tasty and interesting (they add flakes from tempura to the spicy tuna and salmon rolls! So good!). The soy sauce was weirdly salty (I know, it's soy sauce, what do I expect?). Still - when y'all come visit me in Halifax, this is one of the places we will go.


alexandra said...

Yay!! I bet the atlantic varieties of fish are actually fresh.

I'm happy you might have something to at least homesickly splurge on!

Kerry said...

*drool* I liiiiiiiiiiive for sushi!

Mila said... i loce sushi...i just ate it a few days ago...

Thanks so much for the loveliest comment you left on my blog..
Of course i'll link you too.


Ella said...

Alexandra: I'm happy too. I think I will probably spend too much money at this place.

Kerry: agreed.

Mila: Thanks for the response!


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