Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Goodbyes

So I've said my first goodbyes. Which feels really weird. For the past two weeks people have been asking, "Are you feeling nervous? Excited?" My response was a shrug. Not really. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not feeling too much of anything. I think I'm a little bit in denial, and that is starting to crack as I say goodbye to more and more people.

It started with Xine after work the other day. She was leaving, and I was loitering in the stairwell chatting, and all of a sudden I had the realization, "Oh wait. This is the last time we're going to see each other for at least four months." So I forced her to hug me, even though she's not a huggy person. It was delightful. And sad.

Today (my second to last day at work) a few people said goodbye because they won't be there tomorrow. I realized how much I'm going to miss it. The West Van Library has been a really fantastic place to work, and I've been there for over five years.

Hmmm. So I'm still not feeling altogether strongly about the fact that I'm leaving, but I'm having brief moments of realization that things will change drastically, in just five days.

I wish teleportation would hurry up and be invented, already.


Anonymous said...

enjoy every moment of it!
i think you're going to love halifax!

Ella said...

I am! Me too!


Xine said...



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