Monday, August 25, 2008


Had a really great day yesteryday. We went for a beautiful hike, and out for dinner afterwards. I was told we were going to a pub, and I commented: Oh, this will be my first pub. In Nova Scotia.

Then we got there, and I thought: Never mind.

The Port Gastropub

It was delightful. But not what I was expecting. I shared the Digby Scallops wrapped and baked with apple wood smoked bacon and served on greens with citrus butter. I almost died. Scallops and bacon can be horribly disgusting, but this was ridiculously fresh and tasty.

And I had my first lobster! Well, since getting here. I had a lobster clubhouse. It came with a mountain of fries. That makes up for the lack of mountains here (I had a local mountain pointed out to me from a lookout yesterday. Do you mean that hill? Mound? I could not in good conscience call it a mountain.)

And today it is raining and I don't mind.


Anonymous said...

Gastropub! How awesome. And Lobster! yay!

I'm still polling former haligonians for suggestions...a lot of them are really lazy though!

ana said...

I am glad that you found good food that make up lack of Chinese food as well. :D

Jim Friesen said...

Hey kiddo
I went to Gary Point in Steveston today and wandered around taking pictures and had an everything burger from Pajo's concession. I had a mountain of fries too.
Love ya.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you are settling in! are the people really friendly?

xine said...

i wanna go to this place! will you take me? oh hey, i went to the chinese food place on main, and it's called Legendary Noodle. It is freaking amazing. I guess you don't care anymore...


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