Friday, August 8, 2008

Dim Sum and Ikea

That was the heading on the mapquest directions I sent myself to get from my house to Shiang Garden and then to Ikea. I love Richmond. It's true. So again, yes, again: dim sum. This time with pictures.

Richmond is yellow. The colour of egg tarts and Ikea.

Shiang Garden. Classier than the last place, no?

A really delicious fried thing involving ginger, century egg, and prawns. I don't usually like ginger all that much, but it was just the most perfect hint of flavour. Lovely.

Can you tell it was delicious? Fried flour rice roll with soya sauce.

I'm going to miss Richmond. Almost as much as I'll miss Vancouver. I love that it exists. Please don't sink into the ocean after an earthquake, Richmond!

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