Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My dad has a blog

My dad has a blog! I'm so excited!

He is an amazing photographer, and I love him, and you would like him a lot if you met him, so you should go check it out. The photo above is taken from his first photography post, and he has another website where you can check out other photos. Do it!

I'm still working on him to get an Etsy page. But yay! Big e-steps, daddio! I'm so proud of you.


ambika said...

This sounds like something I wish I could say of my boyfriend. I wish more people saw his pics. Good for your dad.

Anonymous said...


ana said...

I almost left a comment: "Hi, I am Angela's friend Ana. I like your pictures!"

Then I felt shy so I canceled. Please tell him I liked it. :)


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