Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here I am

So, no camera yet, but I've decided to give everyone a taste of my new life. Via macbook camera "photobooth". Do you know how hard it is to take pictures with that thing, when they aren't of yourself? First, my main room in 365 degrees, then, a picture of the "quad". I feel so collegiate. The campus is eight thousand times prettier than UBC insofar as buildings go, but minus the mountains and ocean view.

So yeah. It's a little bland at the moment. My room needs some va-va-va-voom, I think. I wish I had my sewing machine... Making curtains by hand sounds meh. I also want to find ornate frames to put around the mirrors I've got. I wish I knew someone with a car.

Also: no ikea in Nova Scotia. What will I do?


kickpleat said...

i'm thinking of moving to nova scotia...the annapolis valley specifically. i'm curious to know more about ns!

Ella said...

kickpleat: (I love using a name that is so obviously not a real name. Although with celebrity baby names these days, who knows.)

I'm not the best source of information, yet, but I'll keep you updated. So far all of my research has been food related (something I'm guessing you can appreciate). So far, though, I haven't found anything amazing.

I do like the vibe, so far, though. It feels a little like Vancouver. I went into the American Apparel, today, though, and while it was staffed by wee hipsters, they sure were friendlier than most of the AA staffers in Vancouver.

Ella said...

I just used the term so far a whole lot of times.

kickpleat said...

so that xine you speak of is that the librarian lady xine? who i think is quitting or has recently quit? if so, i know her too!

i've also added your blog to my rss feed so i can stay up to date on your ns antics! hooray :)

Ella said...

Yes! That's the same xine. We were actually talking about blogs last week and she told me to check out yours, and I was like: I already do!


alicia said...

today i saw a white cabbie in kamloops. i think *most* of canada is like that :P

ana said...

Nice room. So are you sharing the room with three other students?

Ella said...

Ana: um, no. It's mine alone.

Jim Friesen said...

Thanks for including a picture of you, and your feet (they look the same as when you were a baby, only bigger). The picture of the window with the white roof outside of it is amazing. It looks like an undiscovered, later years, Edward Hopper. Love ya girlio.

Xine said...

um, weird to read about me in comments. hi kickpleat! so weird about how we know similar virtual people hunh.

and hi elleslady.

ana said...

uh, maybe I misunderstood "quad".

Ella said...

Xine: I know, right?

Ana: Yes, I think you did. In this case quad refers to the fact that the campus is a rectangle, with buildings around the perimeter; there is a large grassy area in the middle, and this (rectangle) is referred to as the quad.

ana said...

Hahaha, I really feel like you are talking right beside me. I miss you.

Sarah said...

I still can't believe you are there.


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