Monday, September 1, 2008

Moody girly music

For some reason I've been super into moody girly music lately. I'm not sure why - I haven't broken up with anyone or anything.

Today I've been listening to this Missy Higgins song (Where I stood) on repeat. I recognized it as soon as a friend played it for me yesterday - we placed it as having been on So You Think You Can Dance last season - but I think one of the Australian blogs I follow may have mentioned Ms. Higgins at some point in the past, because I recognized the website too.

Maybe it's because it's raining. And I'm missing the part that comes before the end.

Whoah. Moody is right (but mostly awesome and thrilled with where I am, I swear).


Ella said...

I just realized the line "I haven't broken up with anyone or anything" could make it sound like I hadn't broken up with a person OR an object. I meant, like, or anything like that. You know.


Kelly said...

That is a great song - plus she is from Melbourne ;)

danette said...

Beautiful! Thanks for this. I am trying to remember who danced to this on SYTYCD...Katie was my favourite.

I broke up with a pair of Moon Boots once. And only once. We just weren't right for one another.

carmen said...

you kind of broke up with vancouver, though.

Ella said...

Danette: it was Kourtney (or however she spelled it). I liked Chelsie and Joshua.

Carmen: that is very true! I hadn't thought about it... We still love each other very much, but we're just not in the same place.

Sarah said...

I love Missy Higgins. Ten Days is my favourite. I love your new digs by the way! So how is it all going in Halifax?

Ella said...

Sarah: It's going delightfully.


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