Monday, September 8, 2008

Beautiful evening

There is a chapel on campus.

I love churches. I don't count myself as religious (although spiritual would probably be a good term), but I love being inside churches. I love the wood, and the open space, and the way the stained glass windows block out the world while still letting in the light. I think I will be spending some time there, just sitting.

Last night there was a concert in the chapel, featuring kind of indie folky artists that, as a friend put it when trying to convince the entire cafeteria to come, "the hipsters like". The first band was The Olympic Symphonium, who were introduced with the words "contemplative, zen folk". I think the word was contemplative... it may have been a different word, with a similar meaning. They were pretty fantastic. Gorgeous melodies and instrumentation. They reminded me a little of Iron and Wine.

Then came the headliner, Catherine MacLellan, from PEI, whose voice is stunningly gorgeous. Sumptuous and a little adorable.

The chapel is set up so that the pews are sideways, with everyone facing into the centre aisle. Candles were lit all up and down the rows, and for a little while I was just watching the flame move as if in time with the music. I was so relaxed and happy. The last song was a sing-along (I love sing-alongs), "I'm gonna set this heart on fire and bring this world some light."

I felt lit up.


alexandra said...

I was in a church this weekend too! except it didn't involve involved me trying to pick something up for my grandma and getting stared down by a bunch of elderly catholic lithuanians! i wish i had your church experience...but i know what you mean. i saw sarah harmer, and antony and the johnsons in churches and it was a totally different experience.

Amanda said...

Sounds lovely!

Anonymous said...

that was a beautiful post. i'm glad you're liking it in ns so far!!


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