Friday, September 12, 2008

Your favourite thing ever.

I've been playing this game with everyone I meet to help me remember names... it's not really a game, but it is fun. It involves me being introduced to a person or group of people, then asking - "So, blank, what's your favourite thing ever?"

It's actually very helpful and icebreaking...

Some of my favourite responses:
- Being the first one awake when camping.
- Sex and food.
- PEI potatoes.
- [insert name of person's significant other here].
-"Music" (when obviously their real answer was sex, but they felt inappropriate saying it out loud).
- The ocean.

My own favourite thing ever? Dim-sum. (For now.)

So, friends: what's your favourite thing ever?


Xine said...

fresh blueberries and cream... wait! my cat. except she bit me this morning so i suppose i would ignore her for the berries.

Xine said...

and now i want to say pillows.

Amanda said...

Ferdinand Totoro Seip-Larson!

Fritzi von Headrick said...

christmas lights.

Jim Friesen said...

Popcorn and pepsi in a dark theatre when the trailers are coming up (or being with people I love and the things that happen when I'm with them, or taking pictures, or spaghetti, or playing left field with Leo playing centre, or watching the Bombers win, or ...) That WAS fun. I miss you kiddo

alexandra said...

i think i have to say sleep. sleep is so awesome.

but there are tons of things in close second.

alexandra said...

oh, and grocery stores/markets. I love food shopping and get so excited.

carmen said...

laughter. especially the kind where you almost can't breathe and you start to cry.

also: lemonade stands, coincidences, and foundation nachos.

Ella said...

I love pretty much all of these things too.

I love the world.

danette said...

My Halloween party. And skinny dipping. And chocolate covered almonds.

Mila said...

Hmm... alot actually.
But for now: a true hug.

John Young said...

pure, unnapologetic creativity(especially but not limited to the humorous kind).

Alison said...

Romantic Movies!


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