Friday, September 19, 2008


I think I'm going to try to make Friday afternoons "my time". I have had a crazy two weeks. This program has a heavy course load, and I spent the first week feeling entirely out of my depth. The second week has left me feeling a lot more stable, but still a little uncertain about how ready I am for everything that's coming at me. I left class today feeling the need to be with myself, and to do something other than go home to check countless emails and plan my weekend's work schedule. I decided to go downtown.

The first place I stopped was Attica Furnishings. I wandered around the main floor feeling poor and covetous, and then made my way to the second floor. Across the room there were large poster-board things printed with quotes, all pertaining to one word: modern. I don't know if you remember my style statement (not that you should), but it is Organic Modern. Those are my two words. So these quotes all made me stop and be very aware of myself.

What's really modern now is an amalgam of what makes us comfortable and joyous, what inspires and what soothes. Modern is pared-down but not brutally minimalist, complex in concept and evolution but simple in expression. It's thought provoking yet ultimately a very personal solution for living in today's world.
- Donna Warner
, Editor-In-Chief, Metropolitan Home

Reading this statement made me fully aware that I hadn't been bringing my self to everything I've been doing. To anything I've been doing, really. I've felt so out of my element that I've completely forgotten about bringing my tastes, my senses, my aesthetics, my passions, my self to everything I do. I want to focus on that a little more.

Wait - a lot more.


ana said...

Hi Ange,

I know what exactly you mean. I was so overwhelmed last few weeks so I reduced my hours at the WV, but still nervous.

After coming home today after crazy bus ride, I decided to take a long bath and forget about the study for a while.

Hope you feel better. Cheers!

Ella said...

Ana: good choice. I would like a bath too. I think I will have one.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Settling into a new routine can be so exhausting, I always find that whenever I go through any kind of transition I end up needing 1-2 more hours of sleep every night.


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