Friday, May 16, 2008

Style Statements

I read an article in the Georgia Straight a couple of years ago, and I was blown away by the ingenuity and creativity of the two women being profiled. Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte are two Vancouver women (holla!) who designed a service called the Style Statement. The idea, distilled: two words. Two words that sum up your "style", your way of living and being in the world, the purest heart of you, your best.

They would meet with a client, sit for an hour asking questions (such as: "If you were to have your portrait taken by Annie Liebovitz, what would it look like?" My answer: I am naked and covered in fresh green leaves lying on a forest floor, looking ethereal and beautiful, with perfect colour correction. My eyes are piercing and amazing, and my skin is luminous.) Then they would look at your answers, and come up with your style statement. It sounded like therapy, only fun. I was immediately smitten with the whole idea, wished I could steal their amazing job, and, because booking an appointment to be given a style statement cost a lot more than I had available, I spent the next week thumbing through thesauri to come up with words that I felt defined my essence.

Mine: Organic Modern.

Luckily for everyone else, there is now a book. It is lovely, with plenty of questions that make you sit still and think about the answer. The idea of getting in touch with yourself, learning what you love, what you want, and what you need is one that resonates very deeply within me. I think it is so necessary. And fun. I think I might buy the book even though I already have my statement, because I really think it could be a great thing to share, and I think I could learn a lot about the people I love, too.

Now, question: If you were to have your portrait taken by Annie Liebovitz, what would it look like?

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