Thursday, May 8, 2008

When people make me feel dumb

I hate being wrong. Especially when someone calls me on it. At the bookstore tonight, I was recommending Sweetness in the Belly. I said it was set in the Middle East. This girl I wasn't talking to pipes up and says, "Actually, it's Africa." And I felt like a culturally ignorant jerk.

Because I just went with the feeling I had. And they were Arabic, in the book. I think.

And I spent all night feeling stupid. And I need to stop it. It's not a big deal, being wrong. Or having someone think you're dumb. I must thicken my skin. Maybe there's some kind of cream I can get for that.


Anonymous said...

Actually I have read Sweetness in the Belly and that is a great book and while it is set in Africa, I can totally understand someone thinking it was set in the Middle East (the cover, the theme of islam, etc).
So you totally shouldn't feel dumb for thinking of it, but as for the skin thickening, I have heard dancing around to your favorite rock song helps or eating some chocolate (actually that seems to be pretty much my advice to everything) :)

Ella said...

That is infinitely sound advice. In almost all circumstances. And it really does work.

I feel thicker already.

Ella said...

In a good way.


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