Monday, May 19, 2008

Best sleep ever

I stayed in Xine's guest room last night, and wow. I had the most amazing sleep. The bed had a fluffy mattress topper, the most perfect light down duvet, and (piece de resistance here) A Whole Body Pillow. I am in love. I usually cuddle with pillows. But this was something new. It was about five feet long (plus?) and round, and pretty dense, kind of like a blown up bolster, and you could cuddle it, and it aligned my spine properly, and I loved it.

The end. I need one. I'll probably wait till I get to Halifax, cause taking that thing on the plane with me might be kind of weird. But yes. I think you should get one too (if you like that kind of thing).

p.s. You can probably get them way cheaper than the organic version I've linked to, but I'm a sucker for that unbleached cotton.


Alexandra said...

Holy shit...those body pillows are the best. Last summer when I housesat my friend Maia had one and I went through withdrawal when I had to stop sleeping with it. She offered to give it to me but I couldn't take it away from her either. So the best.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me that I really need to get my bed in order. I still haven't switched out my winter comforter, so I go through this lovely ritual of waking up way to hot in the middle of the night, during which I throw off the comforter, only to wake up again in the early morning freezing cold. Now that is not the way to get one's beauty rest. I will have to look into this whole body pillow phenomena

Ella said...

I've only just begun considering an alternate comforter. I want a nice light one, but they all seem so pricey. I've decided the bed is the most important part of a person's wardrobe. And we all know quality is more important than quantity when it comes to a wardrobe.


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