Thursday, May 22, 2008

I love the world.

I must be in a weird mood today. This ad made me cry (although crying at commercials is not a stretch for me, a fact about which I am glad). It was happy crying, mostly. I love happy crying.

I've been doing lots of library searching today, and reading library blogs. This clip came my way via Mazar, a Canadian (among other things) librarian whose site I found through the CLA's "Infonation", all about choosing a career in libraries!

Go books!


mennogirl said...

I seriously made my roommates watch this with me, twice! My favorite part is the rather nerdy sounding guy who loves arachnids :)

Ella said...

I love the woman who loves Egyptian kings! I love all of them. I love the whole world! I've had the song in my head for days.


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