Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weirdest compliment ever

The other day at work I was checking out this girl's books, and she looked up at me, and in a sort of startled way exclaimed, "You have Frodo eyes!"


ana said...

I like Frodo. Is this another weird compliment?

Ella said...

No. If you were to go up to Frodo and say to him, "I like you, because you eat tigers," that would be a weird compliment.

ana said...

I was meaning that if she told that you had Frodo's eyes, and then I say I like Frodo, that would be another weird compliment to you. Anyway, I like your eyes.

Ella said...

I knew what you meant... and I was saying that it wouldn't be a weird compliment. It wouldn't be a compliment at all... it would be a statement...



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