Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An artist

I want to start drawing. And watercolouring.

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Anonymous said...

Hearty Soup


V-8 Juice-lge container
Frozen Stew Vegetables 1 or 2 pkg
Stew Beef 2-3 lbs.
Frozen Italian Green Beans I pkg
Spring Water 2@ 8 oz bottles
Bay Laurel leaves 3

Place frozen vegetables in soup pan and pour in V-8 juiice with medium heat on
burner. If you wish to add water, only use Spring water. Trim any marble from beef and
saute gently in olive oil in fry pan, stirring to keep from overdoing and only brown the outside of the meat. Use just enough oil to keep from burning and then stir into soup.Add in Bay leaves, but be sure to remove them before serving. Warning! Bay leaves are not digestible.!
While soup is simmering stir in 1 tblspb each of basil, oregano, but use salt and pepper to your taste.
Allow soup mix to simmer for at least 2 hrs., stirring often to avoid burning. Depending on size should serve 4-6 persons. If you aren’t planning to eat the next day place portions in freezer bags and freeze until ready.


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