Wednesday, May 28, 2008

White sheets

I'm super into white these days. I bought the first white t-shirt I've had in years (the Gap "favorite T"). Yes, it always has some kind of mark on it at the end of the day (often soup), but in the interim between being washed and getting dirty it is so perfect and crisp and classic. I kind of wish I could wear a white t-shirt every day. I guess I could...

Now I'm starting to think about the move, and I think, for the first time in my life, I'm going to have plain white sheets. I got an email the other day telling me, The college provides each Don with a fully furnished suite, which contains a double bed, bookshelf, desk chair, sofa set, coffee table, end table, night stand, and small fridge. I have no idea what any of this is going to look like, but I know that I want to feel like I'm living in a home, my own, and I want it to look as beautiful, clean, warm and lovely as it can. So I'm thinking classic. White sheets and some awesome original artwork (see you soon, Etsy!).

I haven't decided whether I will go for the thirty dollar Ikea sheets, or something more sumptuous and expensive. If you know of any amazing, simple, affordable sheets, let me know.

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ana said...

White things - I get to like them too. I have all different colors of sheets and dishes now but I want to make them all white gradually. (Maybe in 20 years! haha)

Yesterday I went to Ikea and a white dressing table waved me, however, it was too expensive. I may buy white desk though.


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