Friday, June 6, 2008

Vancouver food adventures

I love when Alexandra comes to town because I know I'm going to eat something delicious. We somehow only managed to get together for one day, but in that day we managed to eat a plethora of delicious food.

Part one: Japadog

Japadog is a fabulous little Japanese hot dog stand on the corner of Burrard and Haro, kitty corner from the Scotiabank theatre. It's regular hot dogs (pork, beef, veggie, turkey, etc) with Japanese toppings. I'd tried a bite of the Terimayo before (mayonnaise, seaweed, teriyaki sauce and fried onion) so I went for something new and got the Oroshi (green onion, daikon, and soy sauce).


Part two: We wandered down Robson to go try the new Ramen place, taking our time, as we were kind of stuffed. We got there at about 3:10 pm, and of course it was closed from 3-6. I hate places that close between lunch and dinner!

So instead we walked back (lots of walking, it was great) to the Cafe Artigiano across from the Art Gallery. I've been avoiding the blood-sugar craziness that comes along with delicious sugar, but today was an Alex in Vancouver day! so I made an exception, because the Artigiano iced mocha is so so so delicious that I couldn't say no to it. It is the best iced mocha I have ever had, not too sweet, really layered and rich and delicious. Try it someday. Their lattes are also superlative.

Part three (yes, three!): Guu! I love Guu!

Alex said it perfectly during dinner, current favourite Vancouver restaurant. There were six of us for dinner, and the menu is meant to be shared, like tapas. We ordered so many delicious, intricate little dishes. Here are photos of two, but I have no idea what they are anymore...

Looking at the menu I think the first one is grilled Black Cod (with a very delicious sauce of some kind), and the second is maybe Maguro (whatever that is, a kind of fish) with five color sauce. Anywho, prices are fairly reasonable, running typically from $5-7 (plus or minus a dollar or two, depending), so it's entirely possible to have a delicious, expansive dinner and spend less than $20. Yum yum yum yum yum. Go there.

I love you Vancouver food. I will miss you. I promise to write.

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