Thursday, June 26, 2008

For you

So here are my slightly uneven, homemade bangs. For you. What I realized though, is that while I do think I look nice with bangs, you can't see my eyebrows. I think I like eyebrows even more than bangs... but I don't really like super short bangs on me, which would give me both, so I will just have to go back and forth between the two for the rest of my life. Sigh.

The things I do for you.


ambika said...

I love your bangs and wish my hair was capable of doing this.

I have to say, I tend to stay away from sunglasses that hide my eyebrows. Don't know how I'd solve that one if I could have bangs...

ana said...

I like both your bang and eyebrows... that's much better than you don't like your bang nor eyebrows.

Ella said...

Pretty much the only solution is headbands. And trying to do the whole laid back "side bangs", which never looks casual enough when I try it.

But thank you both.

And maybe after some time under cover my eyebrows can come back extra full and gorgeous. I can perfect them...

Amanda said...


Alexandra said...

love it!!!!!!


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