Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Friday Night Lights

I've been saving this post for a while, because I still can't fathom how to put this television show's greatness into words. It's great. Unfathomably great.

I got into this show via Laineygossip. She would natter on and on about how if we hadn't seen it we had to watch it. NOW. I ignored her for a good six months, and finally decided, what the heck - I respect this woman's opinions on all matters celebrity, I should give it a try.

A show about high school football. If anything, I expected it to be good the way the O.C. was good. Enjoyable, highly cheesy, kind of silly. Not great "literature", but fun. Nuh-uh. Friday Night Lights is, bottom line, great. It is a great show. As in great actors, great characters, great writing, great cinematography. Effing great. I was hooked as of the first show. And I'm not a sporty girl.

This show has been consistently hailed by critics as one of the best shows on TV. And for some reason, hardly anyone is watching. Mostly, I think, because we all have preconceptions as to what we think this show is. And we're all, pretty much, wrong.

Convince your library to get this show. It doesn't seem to be available to rent very many places. OR - Season one is available on Amazon for $22.99. Buy it, watch it, revel in it, and then donate it to your local library to share the love.

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