Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Usually my dreams are about odd things like wooden elevators that run in v shapes up and down the sides of buildings, so this morning it was strange when I woke with a name so close to the surface of the dream I was almost saying it aloud: Todd Babiak.

I was dreaming about books, I think, and I googled him and he is an author from Edmonton. I work in a library, so it's not like I haven't seen his books before (I had a writing instructor with the last name Babiak, so I noticed the books on the shelf at some point), but usually my mind is a sieve, and it's very unlikely for me to remember a first name, although of course my subconscious has access to all kinds of things that normal me doesn't. So for now I'll take it as a sign to read one of his books.


(That word looks weird. I love weird looking words.)

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