Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kim Saigon Sandwiches

Oh man. I talked about this a little bit last week, but I needed time to sit down and do the post justice.

My friend Lesley has been telling me about these Vietnamese sandwiches (known as Banh Mi if you're feeling culturally proper) for ages, and I finally went to try them for myself a week and a half ago, with my brother. Then I went five days later with Alicia. Both times the sandwiches were effing delectable (although the right lady wasn't making them the second time, which Leslie and I agree impacts the deliciousness. You want the skinnier lady making them). Apparently the chicken is the best (although if you're Vegetarian, I would bet the veggie would be also good). Look at that picture. Look at the fresh slice of jalapeno sitting right in the middle of it. The spice level was perfect. The sandwich was juicy and fresh tasting, very summery, and the bread was soft and delicious, and all of this culinary wonderfulness is just $3.25. !!! They put all these julienned veggies, and this yummy chicken, and a kind of dressing, and then toast it very very lightly, and the end result is perfection. The most crave-worthy new food I've tried in ages.

Kim Saigon Sandwiches is a little front counter inside a larger Vietnamese restaurant (it costs 75 cents more to sit in the restaurant and eat) right on Main Street in Chinatown. 509 Main St, which is North of Keefer. Yum. Yum. Yummy. Yum.

Apparently the best Banh Mi are located at Au Petit Cafe, which is way further South on Main Street (4851 Main, not sure of the cross street). I haven't made my way out there yet, so I can't comment, but you can be sure I will soon. They also apparently run out early (fresh, homemade breadm y'know), just so you know.


Anonymous said...

You apparently don't remember me discovering them months ago. And if you get them right on Hastings, they're only $2.50.

Ella said...

You, Miss Sarah (I miss Sarah...), never told me about them. Although I do remember a facebook post about them. But there were no pictures involved.


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