Monday, June 23, 2008

Halfway there

I wanted the title for this post to be check, check, check, check. As in: I got all of the things on my to do list done. Alas, I did not. I got a little more than half of them done, though, plus some other ones.

Things I did do:
Had coffee (Way to get things accomplished, Angela) (I mean Ella)!
Bought my ticket to Halifax (probably have more to say about this... Booking a flight = wow, this is really happening. In less than two months I will be LIVING IN a whole other city. This was a one way flight. No return. No return (ominous music here)! I felt so nervous as I handed over my credit card. Eek. Okay, deep breaths. I will love it.)

Things I half did:
Went to Au Petit Cafe for Banh Mi. Actually I went for the second time to Kim Saigon Sandwiches (the second time in a week... yum). I really want to try the Au Petit Cafe ones, because they are consistently voted the best in the city, but it was too far for today. And the Kim Saigon ones are pretty delicious... will post further about this delightful experience later.

Things I didn't do:
Go see The Visitor. Apparently (argh) the Granville 7 (cheapest regular tickets in the city) no longer has matinees! Or at least during the week they don't! Even though a showtime was on the internet for today at 1:50! Okay, maybe it was on the internet yesterday... but still. So sad. I love weekday matinees. Fortunately...

Things I did instead:
I love solitary trips to the art gallery almost as much as solitary weekday matinees. My membership to the Vancouver Art Gallery runs out at the end of this month, and I've been meaning to go see KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art since it opened. It was a really cool exhibit to wander around, but my favourite part was the fact that they had shelves full of graphic novels and benches where you could sit and read them. I discovered Shaun Tan, whose work is thrillingly beautiful.
His drawings are so richly detailed and sumptuous.
I'm fairly sure I've seen another of his books before, but these two drawings (it feels almost insufficient to call them that. There should be another word invented just for these.) are from The Arrival, which is a beautiful book that is entirely illustrated, with no text, no speech bubbles, just wonderfully evocative greyscale imagery.

Then I went and bought expensive sunglasses (of course the ones that looked and felt the best were the priciest, although not ridiculously so in the grand scheme of sunglass pricing) BUT! I found out that the dress I bought the other week had been reduced in price by half, so I got $40 (!!!) back. So that paid for most of the sunglasses.

I love days off!


ana said...

Hey, you had busy day!
So when is the flight? omg, I am sad now.

carmen said...

those drawings are amazing! i also had a membership at the VAG - whenever i was feeling out of sorts i'd head down there and walk out inspired.

what were they thinking when they named the art gallery? vag? seriously. vag?!! ugh.

Ella said...

Vag. Ha.

Ana - My flight is August 19 at eight a.m.

Alexandra said...

YAY! Vancouver for my birthday. Although G. is offended you will be missing his birthday.

Ella said...

Oh yeah! I forgot! Actually, I took Godfre's birthday into account when planning the flight. I wanted to miss it.


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