Monday, June 16, 2008

An apricot

I get stuck inside my head sometimes. I'm sure you know what I mean, spending way too much time thinking, way too little feeling, like physically feeling the world. I have to remind myself to actually enter my body, pay attention to the way my body feels, what the is going on to me. So I love those moments where I enter myself fully. For example this:

I took an apricot to work to have as a snack. I didn't want to put it in my purse and I didn't want to take a plastic bag just for a single apricot, so I put it in my jacket pocket. I didn't think about it until I was walking to the bus stop and I automatically stuck my hands in my pockets. The fingers of my left hand curled around the apricot, and it was so soft. Because I couldn't see it, or smell it, or taste it, I was able to concentrate on how lovely it felt, how soft and perfect and soothing. I felt wonderful, and it really reminded me to take that time sometimes to pay attention to the way things feel. I think I will (and I think you should) try it as an exercise; Find different textures to put in my pockets, and really pay attention to them when I hold onto them, just using my sense of touch to centre myself in the experience.

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