Saturday, June 14, 2008

Things I've wanted to be when I grow up

An actress.
A teacher.
A production designer.
A novelist.
A therapist. (Jungian analyst specifically.)
A make-up artist.
A photographer.
An interior decorator.
A monk.
Independently wealthy.
An astrologer.

A librarian. On the side of being a novelist.

A mom. On the side of being a novelist. Ha ha. (Some day in the distant future, of an adopted baby.) (And the baby would then grow into a child and then a teenager and then an adult. Just to be clear.)

I got a little bit sad this morning reading that section in the TVWeek magazine about films that are shooting in Vancouver. I know that I decided not to work in film, and that I felt really great after making that decision, and that the hours are just too insane and the stress too high for me... but I love film sets! And I love movies! So I need some friends/a significant other who work in film, preferably in high up positions where I'm allowed to come visit them on set and get yummy craft services.

OR! I need a novel I wrote to be turned into a movie, and I get to be on set!


ana said...

I love this posting.
Do you feel better?

Amanda said...

I have connections.


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