Monday, June 30, 2008

Excited about life

So I've spent the morning perusing my latest favourite blogfind, favourito. You may notice that the "favour" part of the word is spelled the right way, with a U. This is because Sarah, the lovely author of said blog, lives in New Zealand. I've been thinking about jumping over to New Zealand after Library School (capital letters, it's a scary place)... First I was thinking of moving to Scotland, because I like the accents, but then I realized it would be colder and rainier than Vancouver, and I don't think I 'd like that. I think New Zealand would be just about perfect.

Anywho, favourito has been schooling me in all things NZ, and has led me to the exciting, happy-making find of the day, the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra. One of the members is Bret McKenzie, of Flight of the Conchords (the one who's not my boyfriend). They are awesome!

I know the quality of the video is pretty shoddy, but I love that song to begin with, and it just made me so happy. I also recommend going to their MySpace page and listening to Road to Nowhere.

This band just made me want to be a part of something equally awesome and quirky and fun. I don't play the ukelele, but I do sing. Ever since I heard about the movie Young At Heart and about the musical group The Choir Practice, I've wanted to be in a choir that has nothing to do with Jesus (no offense, Jesus) and everything to do with pop music. I love singing.


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for that video!! i loved it! i love that song, too. at one time i wanted to start a recorder and ukelele band called ukecorder relele. ha.

alexandra said...

i just spent the past few days telling me how awesome new zealand is. have I told you about my (completely, unabashedly prejudiced) hatred of Australia? apparently New Zealanders hate it too. My kind of people

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I was so surprised to see this lovely little post! Especially since I have been the world's slackest blogger recently! But I'm blushing! So sweet of you. And I am so pleased you like the uke! The WIUO play every month on a Thursday morning at a cafe in Wellington and my sister sometimes gets to see them. And yep, she has seen Bret & Jemaine for reals. Her old flatmate went to drama school with them. When I last went to Wellington all I got to see was Peter Jackson walking down the street.
Oh and Alexandra, it's not all true! I kinda like Australia!
Thank you for this lovely shout out Miss Ella x

Sarah said...

Oh and by the way, I don't want to rain on your parade but it can get pretty cold here. This morning it was so cold that not only were my car locks frozen but my windscreen was frozen on the inside as well as the outside! I still think Scotland is colder though :)

Ella said...

Sarah - I kind of figured it might get cold... I'm a little okay with that, I am from Canada (although it's really not very cold here). From everything I've heard New Zealand is kind of the same of BC but just a tiny bit warmer, or nicer, or something.

Alex - Let's go together! If you have masters degrees (Ms. PHD) and job offers (which you can get once you're there) it seems like Visa's aren't that hard to get. Oh. And be under 35.


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