Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New t-shirt

So, typically I'm a little bit allergic to American Apparel. I decide that I want a new t-shirt, so I go in, can't find anything, everything is too small, it's too loud, I feel lame and old, and on and on, and I leave dispirited with nothing to show for my time.

Today, however, I wandered in because a friend was looking for a Christmas present for another friend. I saw this t-shirt. I fell in love with it. I love typography! Happy Christmas to me!


alexandra said...

i almost got that shirt too...because its' my initials! why do we have the same taste? why?

i think that's a good thing.

i can't do work ella. I"M PROCRASTINATING!

Ella said...

Haha! Because we both have amazingly awesome taste. We are classy dames.

Why aren't you on gmail chat, Alexandra?


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