Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visiting home with Google Street View

Ahhhh! Surreal feeling.

I've been longing for Vancouver a little bit lately, especially after what I assumed would be Olympics madness turned out pretty awesome. Springtime is slowly starting to peek out at Halifax, although I'm still skeptical about how long it might stick around. I was so sad last year, arriving back home in May, to find that the cherry blossoms had already come and gone even though the trees were barely budding here on the East coast.

So today I went back home, by way of Google Street View.

There is my house. Ack. Following the arrows down the street actually felt surprisingly real.

I also walked ("walked") along the seawall for a little bit. And looked around downtown.

If only technology had evolved enough to let me hear and smell and taste (selectively, of course). I could definitely go for some Japadog right now.

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ana said...

I love playing with this too. Too bad my parents' house in Korea is not available yet..


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