Thursday, March 25, 2010

She & Him Volume 2

I'm currently listening to the first song on She & Him's new album Volume 2, which can be heard in its entirety at (on?) NPR. It arrives just in time for sunny days (Halifax has been mostly gorgeous for the past little while - I think it might be a real spring!), although She & Him manages to make me feel sunny even when the world outside isn't. I love the power of pop music.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Currently obsessed with robots

photo by flickr user NYCArthur

I'm so glad I went to class yesterday morning instead of "accidentally sleeping through my alarm clock" like I thought I might. My prof made the brilliant choice (coinciding nicely with the day we had to fill in her evaluations) to show us TED videos all morning. The videos were, as per usual, engaging and thought-provoking, but I found one particularly inspiring. It was about robots, and about making them seem more human by having them recognize and reflect emotions (and making them look like Einstein or Philip K. Dick). My mind ran to the future, and I started inventing a world, one where my grandchildren come tell me that they are in love with their robots (and I wear powder blue to their weddings). I think that at heart I'm a sci-fi geek who doesn't really read much sci-fi... that needs to change. But I really want stories with heart. Literary fiction with robots. A Tale of Two Cogs, or some such. (After googling, I'm guessing I should start here.)

In a related turn I came across a retweet from Kris Krug about the Cyborg Reconstruction Fund, which led me to explore Amber Case's work as a Cyborg Anthropologist (um, awesome). I've been going on about how we're all already cyborgs for ages, in my own little I don't really know what I'm talking about but look at hearing aids and contact lenses way, so I'm glad there are people out there who can actually put these thoughts into coherent, academia-approved reflections on the world.

As I realized in class yesterday morning, it's amazing how deeply science fiction films have affected me, and to a certain extent I've already thrown up my hands and am just waiting for the day my robot companion turns on me. Somewhere deeper, though, I find this all so inspiring. I'm excited about the future. Oh wait, it's actually the present. Rad.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy return of Nurse Jackie day!

Nurse Jackie is my second favourite show currently on TV (next to Friday Night Lights), and I am so excited for the second season. Which starts today.

Unfortunately I don't have cable, so I will have to wait for some future day to watch, but I wanted to celebrate anyways. And say, if you haven't already watched the first season, DO. And I am a little bit envious of you.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Les petits

For some reason I was craving this scene the other day.

I'll always be a Truffaut girl, me. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visiting home with Google Street View

Ahhhh! Surreal feeling.

I've been longing for Vancouver a little bit lately, especially after what I assumed would be Olympics madness turned out pretty awesome. Springtime is slowly starting to peek out at Halifax, although I'm still skeptical about how long it might stick around. I was so sad last year, arriving back home in May, to find that the cherry blossoms had already come and gone even though the trees were barely budding here on the East coast.

So today I went back home, by way of Google Street View.

There is my house. Ack. Following the arrows down the street actually felt surprisingly real.

I also walked ("walked") along the seawall for a little bit. And looked around downtown.

If only technology had evolved enough to let me hear and smell and taste (selectively, of course). I could definitely go for some Japadog right now.


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