Saturday, February 5, 2011

Media gluttony

So, my experiment is over. What did I do with my time spent not watching TV, movies and random youtube clips, reading, web browsing?

Cooked a lot. Fresh sage was of particular importance.
Meditated a bunch.
Wrote a lot.
Sang along to Hole's Live Through This while cooking, among other records
Played bananagrams 
Did a leetle beet of hot yoga
Made conversation
Made birthday cards
Edited down my wardrobe
Shopped (erm... not sure why this was allowed, although I suppose creating my outward identity via clothing is, indeed, creating)

And now, as with any crash diet, I am responding to its conclusion with a glorious binge. Mainly in the form of signing up for, because I found an online coupon for a four month free trial. DVDs! In the mail! I've also got tons of stuff to read and watch saved up, because people have been sending me recommendations throughout. I didn't realize how frequently people recommend things to me. Currently on the list:

The Great Man
Great House
Crazy Sexy Diet
On Writing (haha)
Blue Valentine
The King's Speech
All of the Guardian's top 50 television dramas
The Lotus Eaters

The pile next to my bed (and in my mind) has been growing, and I am so excited to start in on it.


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