Friday, January 8, 2010

Very annoyed

I've been thinking about tattoos for a long time. I would consider myself a tattoo person, if I weren't so wary of committing myself to one forever and ever and ever (well, till I die. Or have it removed. I guess it's really not forever at all). And given that I think of myself as somewhat Buddhistic (is that a word?) at my core, if not in practice, I feel conflicted about the idea of doing something so inherently... materialistic. Still, I am very drawn to the ritualistic, symbolic aspects of tattoos, and the idea of claiming my body, and to the base aesthetic appeal.

I go through crests of time when I'm more interested in getting a tattoo, and right now I'm in the riding along in one of them. I think it's because I'm turning 28 in a couple of weeks, and I feel kind of like 28 is my 30. When I went to the awesome psychic a few years ago, she talked about the Saturn Return, and how I needed to get myself together by that time, otherwise I'd be working on the same issues for the next 30 years. Suddenly I'm really feeling that. I want to find my place in life and just be. Probably with a tattoo. Or tattoos.

I've been searching for a tattoo artist who matches my imagined aesthetic for years, to no avail. And then, somehow, I came across Nomi Chi. Whose aesthetic I looooove. Who, miraculously, is based in Vancouver. As was I. For years. And over Christmas. But I find her today, as I decide I want a birthday tattoo. Now. And live in Halifax. (Where she has apparently tattooed before, and may again. But not now.)

And I am very annoyed.


alexandra said...

well, this gives you time to settle on the idea. And you'll be back in Van soon.

ana said...

You have 365 days of being 28 years old. And you will be in Vancouver for more than half of it.
(I understand how you feel though, not for tattooing but in general.)


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