Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things I'm thinking about.

Snow. Annie Hall. Chicken noodle soup. New York. Ampersands. Walt Whitman. The Academy Awards. Writing. A nap. Laundry.


alexandra said...

OMG! I am thinking of a lot of those things too. Did you see the globes? I didn't, but the clips looked hilarious. And yay for kate winslet.

ps name your date in nyc and i'll meet you there.

Saf said...

I am thinking about at least four of these things! Ampersands!

Kelly said...

I'm also thinking about 3 of those things on your list. New York, need to sort out my accommodation for when I'm there - anyone have any ideas?, A Nap - i'm soooooo tired and Laundry - I have a whole heap to do!!


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