Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Starting Out in the Evening

I've started to think that all stories are about loneliness and connection. Or maybe just the stories I love. Starting Out in the Evening is a beautiful film about the nuances of connection, about age, about love. I loved the structure; this is a film about brilliant people, people who shape words into art, but as the story deepens words become less important, or rather, the emotions are much less easily expressed and words sometimes fall away. This is why I love cinema - the perfection of moments in which there is no dialogue, and sometimes only the smallest action, but what appears on screen is so human and real and evocative.

Plus I want all of Lauren Ambrose's wardrobe for this film. I am such a grad student.

5/5 stars.


Mila said...

You just made me very curious.
This seems to be the kind of movies i like.


Amanda said...

I concur! Great film, everyone go rent it!

alexandra said...

I went to see Frost/Nixon and it was really good. And I kept thinking "what else have I seen Frank Langella in? I mean, I know him, but I can't remember any movies." So I will watch this! thanks for the suggestion


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