Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Champagne Birthday

It is my birthday, for a few more minutes. Thank you to everyone who made the day special, that being everyone, everywhere, ever. But especially my friends and family.

I had a good day - despite the minor meltdown when my blood sugar was too low. It made me think of this book, which was one of my favourites as a kid:

I definitely had a LOT of birthday. More than enough to last me another year. Or at least until my half birthday.

Here is my present to myself: Angela. I love you. I will take you out to a movie in the near future, just us.

I am really happy to have so many great people in my life. Including me. And you.


Anonymous said...

i'm happy your day was happy!

Jim Friesen said...

You deserve it kiddo!

Abby said...

happy belated birthday! And three cheers for Bernstein Bears!

Ana said...


(Does it look like I am shouting? Yes, I am.)


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