Thursday, January 29, 2009


Apparently I turn 27 and immediately start wanting kids. In this case I was talking about how wonderful the book Little Men is, and was struck by the desire to have a roomful of kids in bed to read it aloud to. I want to be Jo Bhaer! I want to run a tiny school for boys (and girl)! Full of hijinks! With my kindly professor husband! Oh no!


mennogirl said...

Ooh, me too, I have always loved Jo's life, kids, a rambling school, and of course the (at least in the movie version) attractive German husband.
It is weird how sometimes the longing to have a kid will just come out of no where!

Amanda said...

I think that sounds splendid!

alexandra said...

do it! I want more babies around! and new maternity outfits! yay!

John Young said...

I can picture that.

Saf said...

You're right. This is scary.


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