Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have never been much of a collector. I tried a few times, as a kid, to come up with something to collect. For a while I thought frogs. But nothing stuck. I am, by nature, an editor, not a hoarder. I tend to let go of as much as I pick up.

But now, I have organically happened upon the perfect collection.


My first three pairs: I love them all. I love them because they each have different personalities. Yep, I sound like a crazy collector already. At least I have chosen something small and cheap.


Ana said...

and useful! :D

Jim Friesen said...

Hi Kiddo! I just put away the chopsticks you gave me for Christmas. Two shades of blue with snowflakes at the top. They're beautiful. Thank you.

malaraky said...

keep your eyes open for cooking chopsticks - they're dead handy and hard to come by - though when you see them they'll probably be about 99 cents and there will be fifty pairs. Oh, yes, they're extra long and big, and sometimes joined by a bit of string to keep them from coming too far apart in your hand, that's how you'll recognize them. love chopsticks!

alexandra said...

this is a good collection item! and a great way for us to know what to get you for gifts!

hope halifax is good you haligonian you

Anonymous said...

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