Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in Vancouver

Photo by Flickr user Spatial Mongrel

I've been back in Vancouver for the past few days, and am still on a high from the ridiculous amount of beauty to be had in this city. Any time anyone asks me about Halifax my response is something along the lines of: "Mumble mumble... look at the trees... look at the mountains... sigh..." The cherry blossoms aren't as full as in the picture above (they've mostly all fallen, or are in the process of falling, which is its own kind of lovely), but the green is all there.

Today I had a delightfully Vancouver-y day, replete with Japanese things. First, for lunch, Japadog, accompanied by an iced matcha latte at Blenz. Then (after voting - yay! That deserves an exclamation mark) Japanese food for dinner. So fresh. So affordable (compared to Halifax). Miso soup at my favourite Halifax sushi place costs $4.50. At my favourite Vancouver sushi restaurant? $1.50. And the rest of the menus shows similar divergences. Anywho: Vancouver food = still delightful.

I started my summer job yesterday. So far it is going really well. It is a very small office, and I really enjoy the people I am working with. Plus I get to wear jeans. I kind of hope I never have a job where I can't wear jeans. I love jeans. I want more jeans. Jeans jeans jeans.

That is pretty much all. Just wanted to check in.


lara said...

I'm glad Vancouver is treating you wonderfully so far.

I'm writing this from your couch! More on that later... I'm off to work shortly.

ana said...

Welcome back. Glad that you like new job.
I am in Summerland looking at Okanagan lake. Will be back tomorrow. Hope I can see you soon.

jules said...

That is a lovely picture, I wish I could have a summer job!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!!!

alexandra said...


i'm in nyc and i keep wishing i was in vancouver for the clean crisp air. and nature! enjoy it.

ange ella said...

Lara - I hope my couch is also treating you wonderfully.

Ana - Okay. Time to eat spicy noodles.

Jules - Summer jobs are great - but they mean not as much summery wandering around as I would like.

Carmen - THANKS!

Alexandra - Mmmm. The air is clean and crisp. And naturey. I miss you.


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