Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to May

On my list of ever evolving life goals I have this point: Have a magnolia tree in my yard. I walked outside the other day to see bits of pink emerging from what until then had been hard greenish buds. I looked closer. A magnolia tree. Right outside my window.

The top rectangular window there is mine.


I would like to continue having Magnolia trees in all of my yards from this point on, please and thank you.


ana said...

Hi Ange, I love your magnolia picture. And I like the location of your room- must have beautiful view out. :-)
I heard Ellen saying you are working soon. Yeah! When are you coming back?

Saf said...

These pictures are beautiful. Halifax in the spring/summer is the best. Sigh.

Saf said...

p.s. Speaking of your list of ever evolving life goals, the last time I was in Pakistan we rode horses on a beach. So, we can just do that together after we go to India (or maybe in India instead which I am sure is just as possible/common), while we are also attending an Indian wedding.

Danette said...

How wonderful! I do share your love of magnolia trees. They are quite a spring spectacle. Very romantic.

I wonder what else you should ask for...

ange ella said...

Ana: no library for me. Boo. Except as a patron. Yay.

Saf: Sounds delightful.

Danette: ... all kinds of wonderful things, I think.


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